Collegium Holdings, Inc. consists of diverse professional service firms redefining how to achieve the most important missions in the world.

We acquire professional service firms across the entire nonprofit consulting landscape including management, communications, fundraising, technology, corporate social responsibility, research, and talent management.

Firms acquired by Collegium are highly specialized, best-in-class firms serving all sectors of the nonprofit and social impact space including healthcare, education, faith-based institutions, environmental groups, the arts, international social change, and professional and trade associations.

Our Brands

Management Team

  Craig Leach   Founder and CEO

Craig Leach

Founder and CEO

  James Marcus   Principal

James Marcus


  Kevin Lynch   Finance

Kevin Lynch


  Rob Scalea   Integration

Rob Scalea


  Mike Curran   Strategy

Mike Curran


  Nicole Antil   Marketing

Nicole Antil


Board Members

Craig Leach

James Marcus

Kevin Lynch

Tom Heding

Alan Meitler

Michael LoBue

George Ruotolo

Elizabeth Zeigler

Rob Scalea

Mike Curran